Blank Greetings card for all occasions

A series of 24 images depicting life early in the 1900.

All cards come complete with envelope and individually packed.


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All greetings cards are Individually packed, complete with envelopes.

All Greetings  cards Are Blank

This does not mean that you have to pick 10 different cards, but in any arrangement you like.

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                         Cardiff City  1927                 New Era laundry                          Cardigan Bus                Charley the Donkey

                                   A1                                   A2                                              A3                                       A4



        Children in a toy car                 Donkeys Pulling a cart                        Farm working                                  harvesting

                       A5                                     A6                                                 A7                                                  A8



           Horse Pulling Plough                 In the Month Of June                           Miners in Cage                              Moving Coal

                      A9                                        A10                                                       A11                                               A12



          Miner Maids,               Lady on  a Donkey,            Groesfaen safety Team,             Colliery Lasses,          Up on the hills

                A13                                  A14                                   A15                                       A16                             A17




         Police at Aberaman 1913                  Police Pontardawe              Life boat training Port Eynon               White Rose Laundry

                      A18                                               A19                                          A20                                             A21



                         Striking Miners                                      Life Underground                                              Boys Scout  Group

                              A22                                                           A23                                                                   A24



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